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Vista Window Film Colorado Springs

Vista Window Film: Functional, High Class Designer Films

vista window film colorado springsWith stunning views of Pikes Peak and the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the country. With Visa Window Film, Colorado Springs property owners can enjoy a window film that is equally as stunning as the surrounding environment of the city you live in.

Vista high-grade designer window films have a distinct, sophisticated appearance and bring about a look of elegance and grace to any property. These window films work to control and filter the electromagnetic spectrum, bringing soothing, soft sunlight into building interiors while also protecting against uv rays, excess heat, and safety threats.

vista film for colorado springs property

Elegance & Energy Savings Combined

In Colorado Springs climate, having some sort of weather protection for your home is essential in order to keep energy costs low and preserve your beautiful furniture and floors. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise aesthetics to get the solar protection you need. With Vista, you can create a stylish look for your space while also controlling heat, glare, and UV rays.


Comprehensive Protection for Your Space

Vista Window Films use advanced spectrally selective technology to regulate heat and block out 99.9% of uv radiation. And the extra thickness of the film creates a strong barrier that protects vulnerable glass from shattering and hail damage. Vista films establish an air of elegance and dignity while also improving the functionality of your windows.

colorado springs vista window film

Vista Window Tinting Products

At Colorado Springs Window Film, we carry an extensive selection of Vista Window Films including:

    • Vista Ceramic Series: Vista Ceramic is a blue-gray tinted, optically-clear sputtered film, that blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays and 71% of solar energy. It reduces energy costs, heat, and glare, and prevents furnishings from premature fading with advanced color-stable technology.
    • Vista Spectrally Selective Series: Vista Spectrally Selective film, virtually invisible and optically-clear, rejects up to 55% of solar energy and 99.9% of UV rays, reducing energy costs, heat build-up, and premature fading of furnishings, while allowing more light than heat with advanced infra-red rejecting technology.
    • Vista Harmony Series: Vista Harmony film blocks 99.9% UV rays, rejects 79% solar energy, reduces glare, energy costs, and prevents fading with color stable technology.
    • Vista Dual-Reflective Series: Vista Dual Reflective film is an excellent privacy option that blocks 99.9% UV rays, rejects 55% solar energy, reduces glare, costs, and prevents fading with color stable technology.
    • Vista Neutral Series: Vista Neutral film, with its serene hue, invites calmness while cleverly deflecting 54% of solar heat and 99.9% of fading UV rays, marrying energy efficiency with timeless style through color stable technology.
    • Vista Low-E Series: Vista Low-E film is a climate control warrior, trapping heat in colder months, slashing energy bills year-round, and shielding furnishings from 99.9% of UV rays to prevent fading.
    • Vista Safety & Security Series: Vista Safety and Security series, a fortress in film form, deflects 64% of solar energy, guards against 99.9% of UV rays, and in times of breakage, it bravely binds shattered pieces, delaying unwelcome intrusions, all while soothing eyes with its glare-reducing abilities.


Bring the Beauty of Vista to Your Property

Beautify your home or business with Vista Window Film. Colorado Springs Window Film is eager to hear from you! Call now to schedule your appointment or speak to one of our friendly staff members about your project!