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C-Bond Colorado Springs

C-Bond Bullet Resistant Glass Systems

c-bond solution colorado springsWe’re proud to be the trusted source for C-Bond in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. C-Bond is a revolutionary glass strengthening agent that works in combination with security window film to create bullet resistant glass. As a subsidiary of Scottish Window Tinting, we are the only Certified C-Bond Dealer in Colorado Springs.


The Science Of C-Bond Security Film Adhesive

The incredible C-bond patented technology is a direct result of years of nanotechnology engineering–the manipulation of atoms and molecules.  It is a non-toxic, water-based, glass reinforcing product which dramatically increases glass’s strength, flexibility, and the strength which window film adheres to glass.

The unique properties of C-Bond allow glass to dissipate energy on the molecular level. However,  you don’t need to fully understand the science of C-bond to know that, in the case of a natural disaster or a man-made attack, C-bond offers the strongest in commercial or residential glass in the market.

Revolutionary Glass Strengthening Agent

C-Bond is the leading glass protectant and security window film enhancement product in Colorado Springs. Developed by scientists that specialize in nanotechnology, C-Bond is scientifically engineered to alter the physical structure of glass for increased performance. It’s completely invisible in appearance so that its application does not alter the current physical appearance of your building and it’s also 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Damage & Injury Prevention

Thanks to C-Bond, Colorado Springs businesses and homeowners alike now have access to an invisible protective barrier for glass that’s resilient to high-impact force and severe stress environments. C-Bond significantly enhances security film adhesion, resulting in glass shards being retained within the immediate area of the compromised glass surface after impact.  This safety feature helps reduce the risk of injuries from exploding glass.


Protection from Catastrophic Events

When it comes to glass nanotechnology, C-bond is the only scientifically tested and proven system is shown to significantly increase the strength, safety, and protection levels of glass. In the event of a potentially life-threatening, catastrophic event such as hurricanes, bomb blasts, forced entries and ballistic attacks, C-bond keeps glass in place–even after it shatters.  Such events can be devastating to human life and property value, which is why C-bond is an investment any commercial property or homeowner should consider.

C- Bond window film is rated for use against:

  • Bomb blasts
  • Gunshots
  • Hail storms
  • Improvised explosive devices
  • Wind speeds up to 140 mph
  • Forced entry
  • Tornadoes


Experience the C-Bond Advantage

C-Bond’s innovative technology significantly strengthens glass, making it more resistant to impact from burglaries, severe weather, and other potential threats. C-Bond’s protective layer ensures that your windows can stand up to challenges, providing a safer environment for everyone inside. Some of the benefits of this revolutionary technology include:

  • Compliance and Regulatory Benefits: For government and industrial facilities, compliance with safety and environmental regulations is a significant concern. By improving the safety and energy efficiency of these buildings, C-Bond can help these facilities meet or exceed regulatory requirements, potentially avoiding fines and facilitating better community relations.
  • Cost-Effective Security Upgrade: Replacing windows with specially designed safety glass can be prohibitively expensive. C-Bond provides a more economical alternative by upgrading the strength of your existing glass. This innovative solution offers superior protection without the need for complete window replacement, making it an intelligent investment in your building’s security.
  • Easy Integration: Our C-Bond system is designed for versatility and can be easily applied to a wide range of glass surfaces. This adaptability makes it an ideal security solution for various types of facilities, ensuring everyone can benefit from enhanced protection.
  • Tested and Proven Technology: C-Bond has undergone rigorous testing by third-party laboratories in order to ensure its effectiveness. C-Bond nanotechnology is validated for NIJ Level I, Level II, Level IIA, and UL 752 Ballistic Protection.


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