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Bird Strike Prevention

A lot of people get concerned when deaths of birds are reported from things like pesticides or oil spills–and for good reason.  But what many people don’t realize is that there is a much greater threat to birds out there–collisions with windows. It is even more dangerous to birds than any other perceived threat killing more than 600 million birds each year in the US and Canada combined.  Worldwide bird strikes on windows kill more than 1 billion of our fine feathered friends.

Why Bird Strike Prevention Films Are Important

Small sparrow bird sitting on a wooden stairs

The endangerment from windows to birds is already large and growing as the world we live in becomes more populated.  More people mean more buildings and windows increasing the odds of mid-air collision. The modern world is full of lovely, but lethal, reflective windows on homes and businesses.  And while high sheen, crystal clear windows may be beautiful they are deadly by being invisible to our avian friends. When a bird collides with a window, it is a messy, painful and inhumane way for them to die.  Plus, the environmental impact is degrading many species. And there is a monetary cost as well. Millions of dollars of damage are racked up each year by home and commercial property owners as the result of bird strikes. 

So how do you keep the windows of your Colorado Springs home or commercial space free of damage from bird strike collisions?

It is as simple as stopping the accidents by making your windows visible to birds.  The most affordable and effective way to do this is the installation of bird strike prevention window film. When it is applied to the glass windows and doors of your Colorado Springs structure–it makes the windows clearly visible to our fine feathered friends.

How Window Film Works To Prevent Bird Strikes

Bird strikes on windows dallas

The reason why birds fly into windows is generally agreed upon by scientists.  They perceive glass as open sky. This is mostly due to the reflective nature of glass but clarity is part of it too.   To deal with this, window film companies have begun manufacturing what is called “fritted” film– a window film with a pattern on it.  This makes the windows more visible to birds. Fritted glass, basically has a recurring pattern of lines or dots on it for the purpose of giving birds a “heads up”.  When the birds fly towards a window with fritted window film, they will recognize it as a wall, not the open sky. The results of these films: a massive reduction in collisions,  bird lives saved and significantly reduced costs in repairs, are pretty impressive. Right here in Colorado Springs, we have seen countless bird lives spared. As well as a reduction in costs associated with bird strike window repair.  Which here in Colorado Springs alone ranges into the tens of thousands.

Types Of Bird Strike Prevention Film for Homes And Businesses

fritted window film colorado springs

So, what type of fritted window film needed to prevent bird strikes?  One with a pattern that is typically horizontal lines, vertical lines, or dots.  However, custom patterns will work as well. If you decide to go with a custom pattern, something that repeats continuously with horizontal lines, dots or other objects spaced no more than two inches apart and vertical lines no more than four inches is best.  The density of the pattern does actually matter because designs that are more spread out will result in birds will try to fly through the spaces. A common mistake is using a decal of a large bird of prey to deter smaller birds and prevent window collisions. This is will not work because most birds will still attempt to dodge the decal and hit the window anyway.  You don’t really have to worry about the look of fritted patterns because you can barely see fritted patterns. So, aesthetics won’t be an issue. Furthermore, fritted bird strike prevention films incredibly cost-effective and gives you all the benefits of window tints and films too.

Now Offering Bird Divert in Colorado Springs!

Bird Divert is an innovative bird safety window film designed to prevent avian collisions with glass surfaces. Developed by National Window Film, this optically-clear bird marker is invisible to humans but visible to birds, reducing bird fatalities. It’s endorsed by avian experts and qualifies for LEED certification.


For more information on saving birds in the Colorado Springs area from a gruesome death and protecting your windows film collisions contact us today!  We can help you get set-up with a bird strike deterrent film that looks great on your home or business!