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Commercial Window Film Colorado Springs

With commercial window film, Colorado Springs businesses can receive a wide variety of benefits, ranging from saving on overhead costs to enhancing security to adding a fresh new infusion of style to the space. Today’s modern window films are high-performance products that can add true value to your business.

Solar Control Window Film

Sun control film adds thermal efficiency to the windows and glass doors. Once installed, the film acts like a barrier that blocks heat gain from the sun during Colorado’s long hot summers, rejecting up to 97% of infrared rays and up to 60% of heat.

What’s more, energy saving film also blocks heat loss in the winter, keeping the heat inside where it belongs and keeping the office more comfortable with less outlay by the furnace. With energy efficiency commercial window film, Colorado Springs businesses can save as much as 30% percent on their heating and cooling costs over the spread of a year.

Security and loss prevention window film

Security film adds another level of security to any system already installed. It does so by shoring up the weakest link in that building: the glass in the windows. Once installed, the window film adds considerable strength to the window. It is available in different thicknesses which can take a pane of glass from easily shattering to virtually shatterproof.

With security office window films, Colorado Springs businesses can thwart criminals who attempt to gain access by smashing a window. Even if smashed, the glass remains firmly in place in the frame, leaving no dangerous mess of glass shards to clean up.

Anti-graffiti Film

This product can be applied to windows, mirrors, or any smooth metal surfaces. In the case of a graffiti attack, the film can be removed, taking the graffiti away with it.

This durable product can protect surfaces from damage by sharp instruments, acid, and other graffiti techniques. With anti-graffiti window film, Colorado Springs business owners can ensure that their property looks clean and professional while saving big on having to replace the mirrors or the glass.

Privacy and decorative Film

This commercial window tint does just what the name implies, adding privacy in a variety of different ways. Privacy film can have a mirrored exterior finish, allowing office staff to see out but blocking anyone from seeing in. Or it can resemble frosted or etched glass, colored or patterned glass, and even custom printed designs on glass.

With this type of decorative office window film, Colorado Springs businesses don’t just add privacy but add style, color, texture, or interest to their offices, resulting in an elevated and unique look. Decorative films can also be customized to add a text message, allowing business owners to take full advantage of any street facing windows for advertising purposes.

Take Your Commercial Building to the Next Level

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