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Graffiti Shield Colorado Springs

Graffiti Shield for Colorado Springs: Vandalism Repair & Protection

We proudly offer Graffiti Shield in Colorado Springs! Graffiti is a persistent problem for many schools and businesses.

Even in the safest of neighborhoods, vandalism still occurs, showing up in various places like public restrooms, elevators, playgrounds, and bus stops. And unfortunately for property owners, it’s also a hassle and expensive to repair.

Installing Graffiti Shield window film can help protect your Colorado Springs property from vandalism. With Graffiti Shield film in place, you can rest assured that your property will stay protected from even the worst of graffiti, including scratching, marker, and acid etching, and save tons of money on repairs.

How Graffiti Shield Works

Graffiti Shield Window Films are designed to solve problems revolving around graffiti by creating a durable, replaceable shield that can be applied to structures and surfaces. This film is made to be extra thick, allowing it to protect surfaces even when cuts and scratches are deep.

Graffiti Shield looks exactly like the area its applied on, whether its mirror, metal, or glass, making it virtually non-existent and undetectable. If ever the film becomes aesthetically altered or damaged, it can be professionally removed and replaced for a clean look.

mirror shield

Applications for Graffiti Shield Window Film

From high end hotels in the Broadmoor area to historic properties and office buildings in Old North End, commercial properties of all types in Colorado Springs can benefit from Graffiti Shield Window Film. Apply these films to nearly any surface or furniture in your building including:

  • Elevators, escalators, and stairs
  • Metal signs, maps, and display cases
  • Metal window frames
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Restroom stalls and mirrors
  • Bus stops, train cars, and more!


Protect Your Property from Vandalism

Get the advanced protection your property needs today! Call us today to install anti-graffiti film in Colorado Springs.