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Hanita Coatings Colorado Springs

Hanita Coatings for Colorado Springs: Advanced Window Tinting Solutions

hanita coatingsWe proudly offer powerful, reliable window films from Hanita Coatings in Colorado Springs. Hanita Coatings Window Films are manufactured using advanced designs and are specially engineered to be extra durable and weather resistant.

Hanita Coatings Window Films provide homes, businesses, and schools with the protection they need from the sun and dangerous conditions while also enhancing aesthetic appearances. With Hanita SafetyZone, SolarZone, or decorative film, you can rest assured that your dollar is well-invested and experience the architectural solution you need.

hanita coatings colorado springsHanita Coatings Window Film for Security

Hanita SafetyZone window films are trusted by government and military buildings, businesses, schools, and homeowners all throughout the Colorado Springs metro. Specially designed based on years worth of data and research conducted in Israel, these super thick security films effectively protect against glass shrapnel and minimize the risk of explosions, intruders, and natural disasters.

colorado springs hanita coatings

Hanita Coatings Window Film for Energy Efficiency

Colorado Springs experiences blistering summer temperatures which are often followed by cold, freezing conditions in the winter, making energy saving film a must needed addition to any property. Hanita SolarZone window films provide advanced protection from the sun, blocking out 99% of uv radiation that causes fading and reducing heat buildup.


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