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Window Film Pueblo

Explore exciting, effective options for commercial and residential window film in Pueblo! Due to the fact that Colorado Springs is only a 45 minute drive from Pueblo, Colorado Springs Window Film is able to offer our full services to Pueblo residents.

In the past, we’ve worked closely with many homeowners and business owners in the area on their window tinting projects. If you’re interested in learning more about how window film can benefit your Pueblo home or business, just read the information below about our different products.

residential security film colorado springs

Security Window Systems for Pueblo Homes and Businesses

Pueblo’s known for its down to earth residents and warm hospitality. However, it’s also one of the cities in Colorado that’s exposed to a large amount of crime. Security window film can keep your home or business in Pueblo safe from crime, vandalism, and natural disasters. We strongly recommend this window film for buildings that require a higher level of security such as schools and government buildings. With security window film, you can keep both your building and its occupants well out of harm’s way.

sun control residential window film

Sun Control Window Film for Pueblo Properties

Pueblo tends to see a little more sun than the rest of Colorado due to its dry, almost desert-like landscape. Exposure to too much sunlight can cause your energy bill to soar sky high. Sun control window film helps to regulate the amount of light entering your building to maximize its energy efficiency and control the interior temperature. If your home or business is exposed to a large amount of sunlight, then this window film may be the right option for you. With sun control window film, you keep your space comfortable all year long.

Daylight Redirecting Film for Pueblo Commercial Buildings

Nothing brings added beauty and brightness to a room like natural sunlight. Natural light is not only good for your health, but it can also increase employee productivity and cut down on absenteeism rates for your office. Daylight redirecting film allows natural light to come into your building without creating intense glare and redirects it appropriately to disperse it throughout the room. Daylight redirecting film is a valuable solution for Pueblo offices and commercial businesses.

daylight redirecting film

Decorative Window Film

Window film isn’t just a practical solution; it’s also fun to decorate with! Decorative window film can add distinct style to your home or business and create private rooms or meeting areas. Decorative window film can be completely customized with any texture, style, graphic, or appearance. We recommend this type of film for Pueblo residents that want to enhance the interior design of their building.


Residential Window Film Benefits For Pueblo Homes

colorado springs hanita coatingsIn an era where energy is more expensive than ever, conservation of resources is essential for the future of the planet and for a sound financial outlook. Window film is a proven way to keep the air you pay to heat and cool inside–where it belongs.  The best part about energy conservation is the direct effect it has on your home utility bills, saving you up to 20% of your annual expenditures and putting that money back into your pocket in as little as 3 years because of window films relatively low cost and fast ROI.

When you live in a city, especially one like Pueblo that is on the rise, privacy can be something that is hard to come by.  Privacy window film is the perfect solution for privacy in your Pueblo home, without any sacrifice of style. This is because privacy window film comes in a variety of textures, patterns, and styles and is completely customizable to your living space.  The privacy if affords you will not cost you natural light and can preserve as little or as much of the view as you choose.

solyx window film colorado springsJust like you wear sunscreen and sunglasses when you are outside, window film is powerful protection against the sun when you are in your home.  This is because untreated glass does not block out the cancer-causing UV rays that bombard the high-altitude homes here in Pueblo at all.  In fact, having window film applied to your home is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as a complete year-round sun protection regimen

colorado springs vista window film

You pay good money for the furnishings in your home and just like your skin, these belongings need to be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  That’s right, the number one cause of fading and deterioration of things like wood floors, upholstery, artwork, rugs, and furniture is the sun. Here in Colorado, where the sun is that much stronger due to altitude, it is really a must that you protect your home furnishings from the sun.  Window film is the perfect way to do so as, it is cost-effective, easy to apply or remove and never obscures those Colorado views you love so much!

residential security film colorado springsPueblo is a safe city but, like in any city, crime happens here all the time.  In fact, one of the leading crimes in Pueblo is the theft of personal property. The best way to avoid the trauma and financial loss due to a break-in in your home is by having security window film applied.  Less expensive than a security system, these hard to penetrate films will strongly deter criminals from entering your home since windows take multiple blows to actually penetrate. Since break-ins are often quick crimes of opportunity, would be thieves most often move on to easier targets, rather than risk being heard or the police arriving before they can get in.

Glare reduction window film offers a way to improve comfort and productivity in homes, businesses, offices, schools, and much more. With over 300 days of sunshine every year here in Pueblo, the sun can cause serious glare throughout the day. Reduce squinting, headaches, and eye fatigue with glare reduction window film. Improve screen-viewing activities without the need for unsightly window treatments.

Decorative window film is a highly versatile medium that can be utilized for branding and marketing needs. Perfect for improving both residential and commercial decor, decorative window film can be used for short-term and long-term projects. These highly customizable solutions can portray virtually anything. From one-way graphics to high-definition printing, anything is possible. Enjoy the largest selection of decorative window film in the Pueblo area.

Daylight redirecting window film is a great way to lower lighting costs while improving morale and productivity. Studies have shown that daylight redirecting film can actually decrease absentee rates, improve student testing scores, and decrease patient recovery times. With the capability to redirect sunlight as deep as 40 feet, you can take advantage of reducing lighting costs.

Have you noticed birds flying into your Pueblo home or business’ windows? Bird collisions into windows and other man-made structures actually account for about 1 billion bird deaths each year in the United States alone. Promote bird conservation while eliminating cleanup and glass repairs with bird strike prevention window film!

Graffiti and vandalism can be a common concern for public and commercial properties in Pueblo. Skip the high repair and replacement costs by investing in anti-graffiti surface film. This innovative solution protects expensive surfaces while concealing existing damage. Available for metal, glass, mirrored, and other smooth, nonporous surfaces, anti-graffiti film offers significant money-saving benefits.

Metal surfaces are typically durable, that’s why they’re so popular in the commercial setting. However, they can be susceptible to daily wear-and-tear as well as vandalism. Metal Shield offers a restorative solution for concealing damage without the expensive repairs. Mirrored surfaces often have to be replaced once damaged. Mirror Shield provides a great way to hide surface damage, rust, and more. Start saving money for your Pueblo commercial property today!

Specialty security window films are available for high-security properties like government buildings, arenas, schools, and more. Bomb blast protection window film mitigates glass hazards during a high impact event like an explosion or natural disaster. Ballistic resistant window film provides precious time for building occupants in the event of a shooter. Both security options can be tactically installed to get the most out of your security budget.

Commercial Window Film Benefits For Pueblo Businesses

anti graffiti shieldGraffiti is an expensive problem for businesses to have and one that is not easy to get rid of.  That is before there was the cutting edge technology of Graffiti Shield products. Good for remediation of graffiti in hard to remove places like elevators and bathroom, this 6mm film acts as a sacrificial film over your buildings metal, mirrored and glass surface, protecting it from graffiti.  Should the surface be defaced, the film is easily and cost-effectively removed and replaced, saving you time money and loss of reputation.

We live in a day and age where would be attackers are more motivated than ever and, in public buildings, you need the strongest protection possible to protect from possible attacks.  The unparalleled strength of C-bond adhesive, specialty security frames, and security films offer a level of protection against bullets, bombs and high-velocity flying debris from natural disasters like no other.  This powerful combination keeps glass in place even after shattering, greatly reducing collateral damage and even resisting bullets and bombs.

madico window film colorado springsThe outside of your building says a lot about the businesses within, which is why, to attract the most lucrative tenants, your building needs to look the part.  Resurfacing outdated windows goes a long way for improving the aesthetics of a building and turning old and dated structures into new modern marvels. The best part about refurbishing your windows this way is, you get all the benefits of window film like UV and glare protection, at a fraction of the cost of full window replacement.

Bird Strikes on glass windows may seem far-fetched but the truth is more than a billion birds die each year because of them and millions of dollars are lost to shattered windows.  These collisions are completely avoidable with use of specialty window film made to prevent bird strikes. These revolutionary window films are virtually undetectable to humans but incredibly visible to birds, averting them from colliding.  

When it comes to commercial buildings, glare is always an issue for tenants.  This is because, especially here in Colorado, where the sun is magnified, it causes myriad of problems.  Things like high utility bills, hot and cold spots, low work productivity and high tenant turnover can all be avoided with the application of Low-e window film on high-rises, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial buildings.  Best of all, using window film on any and all of these problems puts money back into your pocket in as little as 2 years.

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