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Colorado Springs Window Film Brands

Industry-Leading Window Film Brands

Colorado Springs Window Film prides itself on its steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service. This commitment is embodied in our careful selection of window film products, where we choose only industry-leading brands that have been thoroughly vetted for performance, durability, and aesthetic value. You can count on Colorado Springs Window Film for brands you can trust!

Our dedication to offering the best solutions to our clients in Colorado Springs and beyond means that we install products from reputable Colorado Springs window film brands like 3M, LLumar, Vista, C-Bond, Solar Gard, HDClear, Huper Optik, and Hanita Coatings. Each of these brands represents the pinnacle of window film technology, offering superior protection against UV rays, enhanced energy efficiency, and impeccable privacy and security solutions.

solar gard colorado springs

Safety and Security


Solar Control Panorama 08871

Solar Control Panorama 08871


Featured SunTek® Films

hanita coatings

Hanita Coatings Case Studies

Hanita Coatings Resources


Orafol Plotter Films

Orafol Digital & Screen Printing Films


Select Series

Ceramic Series

Therm-X Series

Fusion Series

Xtreme Optiks Series

Xtreme Optiks Series

Xtreme Optiks Series

Xtreme Optiks Series

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LLumar Residential Case Studies

LLumar Commercial Case Studies

LLumar Decorative Case Studies

LLumar Safety and Security Case Studies

Orafol Laminating Films

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Featured Solyx® Films

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Featured Madico® Films


3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film

3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control Commercial

3M™ Sun Control Prestige Series Commercial

3M™ Sun Control Prestige Exterior Commercial


Featured HDClear® Documentation


Drywired® Liquid Nano Tint Documentation


Graffiti Shield Spec Sheets

Graffiti Shield Data Sheets

Orafol Specialty Films

Colorado Springs Window Film Brand Selection Process

Our selection process is rigorous and rooted in a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by Colorado Springs’ climate. The high altitude and intense sunlight demand products that can withstand significant environmental stress while maintaining their integrity and functionality over time.

For instance, 3M’s window films are renowned for their innovative technology that not only reduces heat and glare but also provides a layer of protection against sun damage. Similarly, LLumar and Vista films are celebrated for their energy efficiency and ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

C-Bond’s proprietary technology offers a unique advantage in window security, strengthening glass against break-ins and impact. Solar Gard, HDClear, Huper Optik, and Hanita Coatings each bring their specialized features to the table, from solar control to decorative applications, ensuring that we have a solution for every need and preference.


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You can count on Colorado Springs Window Film for brands of the highest caliber! By partnering with these industry leaders, Colorado Springs Window Film guarantees that our customers receive only the highest quality products that have been tested and proven to deliver outstanding results.

Our commitment to excellence means that we are constantly evaluating and updating our product offerings to ensure they meet our high standards and address the evolving needs of our clients. This approach not only enhances the comfort and safety of the spaces we treat but also ensures the satisfaction and trust of our customers for years to come.

For more information on our products and services, please contact our office directly!