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Casper™ Cloaking Film Colorado Springs

Casper™ Cloaking Film: the Future of Office Privacy

Casper™ Cloaking Film for Colorado Springs Offices

Protect data, personal information, and private details with Casper Cloaking Film in Colorado Springs. Many traditional office buildings have conference rooms or meeting areas that require proper seclusion in order to manage sensitive information.

With so many different privacy films and tints available on the market, it’s pertinent to find the one that suits your needs and promotes productivity. Casper™ Cloaking Film engineered by Designtex offers new technological advancements in providing the privacy many Colorado Springs office buildings need.

About Casper™ Cloaking Film

Casper™ Cloaking Film is a specialty privacy architectural film designed for glass wall application in order to obstruct digital screens from outside views. This innovative smart shield guarantees data privacy so that your employees can focus on collaboration and work productivity.

Advantages of Casper™ Cloaking Film in Colorado Springs

Casper™ Cloaking Film is the only product of its kind on the market, obscuring only LED screens shielded by this architectural surface film. Colorado Springs offices can enjoy a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Confidentiality cloak obstructing only LED displays
  • LED screens appear black from outside views
  • Contributes to welcoming office environment, providing privacy in plain sight
  • Can be applied to any clear, smooth glass
  • 15 graphic designs available for an elegant look
  • Customizable graphics available for brand visibility


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