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Elevator Refinishing Colorado Springs

Elevator refinishing helps Colorado Springs commercial property owners save drastically on elevator repair and recommissioning fees. Call us today to more about our affordable surface film solution that conceals vandalism efforts for elevators and other metallic surfaces.

Elevator Refinishing and Metal Restoration

Colorado Springs Window Film offers metal restoration films for elevator refinishing in Colorado Springs. Metal Shield, created by innovative manufacturer Graffiti Shield, is a specialty surface film that was engineered to restore expensive metal surfaces within any commercial property.

This durable film works by mimicking the appearance of your original surfaces and concealing any existing damage. This allows property owners to save considerably on repair and replacement costs while also presenting the most professional, clean image for guests, employees, and customers.

Metal Shield ranges in thickness from 6 to 6.5 mil and has a break strength of 190 lbs and a tensile strength of 28,000-30,000 lbs./psi. It’s strong enough to endure acid etching and provide comprehensive protection for your original surfaces.

Skip Expensive Recommissioning Costs

Elevator refinishing provides the highest savings for Colorado Springs commercial property owners. By utilizing specialty surface film, Metal Shield, property owners can skip expensive and undesirable recommissioning costs.</p> <p>Elevators are extremely important for accommodating guests and employees, making it unacceptable to have a temporarily out-of-order elevator. Metal Shield is quick and easy to remove and replace by our professional window film experts, ensuring limited downtime for your commercial property.

Metal Restoration

Metal restoration is available for virtually any metal surface-- from escalators to commercial kitchen surfaces. Metal Shield can help your Colorado Springs property save dramatically. Available in multiple finishes and colors, we can perfectly match any existing surface.</p> <p>Whether you have a stainless steel elevator, brushed aluminum, brushed gold elevator, or even a metal elevator with glass panels or mirrors on the inside, we've got you covered. We'll help you find the right option for repairing<br /> your elevator seamlessly and restoring it back to its original beauty.

Sacrificial Layer That's Easy to Replace

Metal Shield is engineered to be a sacrificial layer that absorbs the damage and impact, protecting your expensive metal surfaces. Once your surface film is damaged, simply give us a call! We'll quickly remove it and replace it with a fresh one delivering the best image of your establishment. We utilize commercial-grade adhesives so that the film is tamper-proof for the general public and ensure seamless installation for invisible protection.

Restore & Protect Your Elevators

For more information regarding elevator refinishing for your Colorado Springs commercial property, please contact us! We look forward to learning more about your next window film project.