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School Security Film Consulting

School Security Plans Include Security Window Films

Colorado Springs Window Film is proud to provide specialized consulting for school security film in Colorado Springs. School security is on the minds of parents, teachers, and school administrations across the country. With the growing incidence of violence and other threats in our nation’s schools, safety-conscious administrators are turning to expert consultants to help them make their institutions as safe as possible for both staff, teachers, and of course, the students.

Security consultants work individually with each school to assess which new security measures need to be adopted. These measures can include physical modifications or additions to the school, such as video surveillance, metal detectors, or security window films. Or they can be procedural modifications, such as the development of specific emergency plans covering a wide array of threats.

Active gunman, hostage situations, emergency evacuations, and many more situations should be covered in a comprehensive school security plan. In an effort to provide this protection, many schools are investing in school security film in Colorado Springs.

Benefits of Security Film for Colorado Springs Schools

We applaud these efforts to make our nation’s children safer. Our part in a school security plan comes with supplying and installing the highest quality, highest performing security window films, loss prevention window films, or even bomb blast films.

We work together with the school’s administrator or board, the security consultation team, and other involved parties to choose the best possible film to meet that school’s needs. Our school security films are clear polyester which is incredibly strong. It bonds with the glass to create a window that is more than just the sum of its parts.

If the window is shattered, the glass will be held in place by the film, not spilled all over the ground or interior of the school. In this way, a broken window can be safely and easily removed and a new window put in.

In the case of an explosion, a bomb-blast film can save significant amounts of lives. One of the main dangers in an explosion is the flying glass, which is turned into potentially deadly shrapnel. By holding this glass together in the frame, no shrapnel is formed and those nearby are protected from the injury, maiming, or death that flying glass can cause.

Protective Window Film Options for Schools and Universities

We are proud to offer the Llumar line of security films. These are the same highly tested products that have been installed at embassies and consulates the world over, as well as the Vatican and Buckingham Palace.

Security film is an outstanding safety feature for schools, universities, corporate headquarters, government buildings, research labs, arenas and stadiums, public gathering places, and any other places looking to provide a safer environment.

There are many school security consulting firms. We recommend thoroughly vetting a service before hiring it, making sure they offer individual consultations and security plans specifically tailored to the needs of each school building or campus.

SEC (Secure Education Consultants) is one such example. The firm’s consultants are former Secret Service agents with the highest level of training and one hundred years of combined experience between them.

Work With Colorado Springs’ Trusted School Security Experts

Our security team is comprised of experts and engineers and would love the opportunity to optimize the safety and security of your school. Work with us to complete your security assessment and find the right investment for you. Please contact us for more information about school security film.