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Colorado Springs Window Film founder Martin Faith

Shortly after installing window film on his own home, Colorado Springs Window Film founder Martin Faith discovered other benefits beyond energy savings. He also discovered that his floors, furniture, curtains, and artwork were protected from the sun’s fading UV rays. Shortly after, Martin Faith started offering window film installations.

Martin has been installing window film for customers since 2008. However, Martin’s home improvement company, Scottish Home Improvements, has been helping customers for over 20 years. Although Martin has locations all over the country, many are located in Colorado. Colorado Springs Window Film carries and installs several different types of window film that include many benefits for your home or business, including solar control, security, anti-graffiti, and decorative window films.

Colorado Springs Window Film installs window films from all the major trusted brands like Vista, Enerlogic, 3M window film, HDClear decorative films and Graffiti Shield surface protection films. Plus many more!