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Hospital Window Film Colorado Springs

Hospital Window Film for Patient Comfort & Lower Energy Costs

Colorado Springs Window Film is proud to offer an extensive selection of window films for Colorado Springs hospitals, doctors offices, and health care clinics. Our hospital window films provide a way to make rooms and waiting areas more comfortable for patients, staff, and visitors, while also adding an element of safety by strengthening glass.

From energy-efficient films that can protect your hospital from the harsh climate of Colorado Springs to stylish frosted films that create privacy for breakroom areas, restrooms, and lobbies, we’ve got it all! Our vast selection of hospital window films provides a quick and easy fix to any architectural need.

Year-Round Climate Control

Hospitals consume a huge amount of energy from operating all day long. These massive buildings take a large amount of power to keep at a controlled temperature to prevent spaces from becoming too hot or cold to bear. Especially in Colorado Springs’ climate, which is known for its extreme winter cold and hot summers, window film is an essential component for hospital comfort.


Create a Healthy, Inviting Space

While protection from the sun is certainly a major advantage of installing window film, there are also many other benefits that hospital staff and patients can enjoy. In addition to providing a mechanism for climate control, window film also provides Colorado Springs with many other benefits such as:

  • Protects staff, patients, and visitors in the event of an emergency
  • Creates a healthy, inviting interior by increasing the amount of natural sunlight
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 30% each year
  • Adds privacy to glass doors, windows, and wall separators


Healthcare Businesses We Serve

We provide professional window tinting to all types of healthcare facilities including:

Emergency Care Centers & Clinics

Emergency care facilities, hospitals, and clinics can greatly benefit from window film to enhance patient comfort and privacy. Solar control films can reduce glare and heat in patient rooms and common areas, making the environment more comfortable for patients and staff. Options like 3m Daylight Redirecting Film improve patient recovery times by increasing the reach of the sun by up to 40 ft. Additionally, UV protection can help in safeguarding against the fading of medical equipment and furnishings.

Dermatology Offices

Given Colorado Springs’ high UV index, dermatology clinics have a specific interest in protecting patients and staff from harmful UV rays. Installing UV protection window film can minimize exposure to damaging sunlight, which is especially relevant in waiting rooms and treatment areas where natural light is abundant.

Dental Practices

Dental offices, such as those in the Briargate or downtown area, can utilize window films for both privacy and environmental control. Privacy films can be particularly beneficial in treatment rooms that are close to busy streets or other buildings, ensuring patient comfort during visits.

Long-term Care Facilities

For facilities that cater to the elderly, such as group homes or assisted living, window film can enhance resident comfort by controlling indoor temperatures and reducing glare. This is crucial for ensuring a pleasant living environment and can also help in reducing energy costs. Options like 3M Sun Control Night Vision can reduce glare by as much as 85% while also rejecting up to 72% of total solar energy.

Mental Health Clinics & Wellness Centers

These facilities can create a more calming and healing environment by using window films to diffuse natural light and reduce glare in therapy rooms and common areas. Additionally, films that offer UV protection can protect interiors from sun damage, maintaining a welcoming and soothing atmosphere for patients seeking mental health services.


#1 Source for Hospital Window Film in Colorado Springs

When it comes to providing the most cost-effective, efficient solution for your hospital, our team has got you covered. For over ten years, we have been recognized as the premier window tinting contractor in Colorado Springs, offering hospital window film. Our experience in working with all types of buildings gives us the ability to provide a precise, accurate installation for any type of hospital or healthcare environment.


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