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Anti-Graffiti Film Colorado Springs

If your business is located in an area where graffiti is an issue, you already know how much clean up costs can be. Colorado Springs Window Film has an easy and economical solution: anti-graffiti film for Colorado Springs schools and businesses! Our unique, high-quality films protect not only windows but metal and mirrored surfaces as well!

Multi-Surface Protection

Nothing is more frustrating for a business owner than to have their commercial property defaced by vandals or so-called graffiti “artists.” When graffiti first started taking over American cities, it was usually done with spray paint on a wall.

This was difficult enough to remove, but with elbow grease and the right cleansers, it could be done. In fact, the incidence of graffiti is still so common, many cities have a graffiti removal department who will send someone to your business to assist in the removal of the offending paint.

But today’s graffiti artists are using sharp implements to scratch their messages into the surface. They are using acids and permanent markers. And instead of just defacing property, they are now ruining it.

These types of graffiti cannot be washed off. Business owners are left with two unpalatable choices: either leave the damaged surfaces with the graffiti intact or replace them at considerable cost. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that the average cost of just a single vandalism incident is $3,370!

But there is a third choice. With mirror repair and metal repair anti-graffiti film, Colorado Springs property owners can make surfaces look new again even after tagging or scratching.

Anti-Graffiti Film Spec Sheets

If you’re looking for more information and data on our anti-graffiti films, check out the following resources:

Glass Protection

As you already know, graffiti can cause your business to look old, run down, unsafe, and cause your customers to pass by your business to shop elsewhere. An anti-graffiti coating can help make your cleanup fast and economical so you can keep your customers happy. Graffiti clean up is easy with anti graffiti window film. Since this type of film is installed over your existing glass, all you need to do is remove the outer layer of window film. Your existing windows remain untouched, making cleanup a snap.

Metal Shield

Metal surfaces are surprisingly easy to scratch and once ruined, surprisingly impossible to restore. But with a metal repair anti-graffiti film, tagging or scratching can be covered by the film with a finish that looks like the original metal. If the object is tagged, scratched, or etched after the film is applied, it is the film that will absorb the damage. Then it can be removed and a fresh film applied in its place. This type of film comes in various finishes that look like different metals.

Mirror Shield

Nothing is worse than a marked up mirror. It presents a shabby, run down look that most business owners do not appreciate. But mirrors are expensive to replace, and who’s to say the same issues will not quickly ruin the new mirror? With anti-graffiti film for mirror repair from tagging or scratching, the film covers the original damage so it is no longer visible. As with the metal repair product, the film absorbs any new damage, and it can then be removed and replaced. And all for considerably less money than it would cost to replace the mirrors themselves.

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If your glass, mirror, or metal surfaces have been permanently marred by graffiti, we invite you to take advantage of this remarkable product to restore the image of your property. And if they have not yet been damaged, why wait? For more information about glass protection, mirror repair, or metal repair from tagging and scratching graffiti, please contact us today.