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Government Building Window Film Colorado Springs

Window Film for Government Buildings & Offices

colorado springs government building window filmWe offer a full selection of government building window films for Colorado Springs facilities, including security, solar control, and decorative, and privacy films. With over ten years of experience and an extensive track record of success, we are the largest and most reputable installer serving the Colorado Springs metro.

Whether you need a security window film for your police station, jail, or courthouse, or are seeking a solution that can help lower your energy costs, we can provide the right solution for you. Our team members are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to knowing the specifications of different films and will work closely with you to find the right option for your building.

Why Window Tinting for Your Government Building?

According to the Global Terrorism Index report, deaths caused by terrorism increased by 22% in 2024 to 8,352, the highest level since 2017. These figures highlight the critical need for proper security in government establishments.

Your government office needs to be secure in order to keep the staff, visitors, data, and documents in your building safe. Having a security window film in place can help reduce the risk of break-ins and injury from occurring and keep your building well-guarded under 24/7 protection. In addition to creating a secure environment, window film can also provide your office with many other advantages including:

  • Protects against break-ins, theft, accidents, and injury
  • Eliminates graffiti on elevators, restrooms, and metal signs
  • Rejects up to 78% of solar heat and lowers energy costs
  • Creates professional signage and logos for entrances and doors


Types of Government Buildings That Benefit

Window tinting can be applied to everything from a single room such as a personal office or conference room to the entire exterior of a building. There are numerous applications for window film in Colorado Springs including:

  • Police stations and fire stations
  • Jails, prisons, and detention facilities
  • Military buildings
  • Motor vehicle division office
  • Courthouses and more

Speak to an Expert

Speak to a professional about your window tinting needs. Call our office today to book an appointment or get a quote on window film installation for your Colorado Springs government building.