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Decorative Window Film Colorado Springs

Personalize your space with decorative window film from Colorado Springs Window Film! From frosted and sandblasted looks to stunning patterns, stained glass films, textures, gradients, and beyond, we offer a vast and exciting selection of decorative glass films.

Decorative window film has the same look and feel as beautiful frosted glass, however, you can achieve the same look for a much more economical price. In fact, many people walk by store windows thinking they are seeing frosted glass, when in fact they are looking at window film. Decorative window tinting also looks beautiful in your home and adds elegant privacy to bathrooms, bedrooms, and beyond.

Diverse Applications

Have you thought about renovating your home or office to give it a new look, but are hesitant because of the inconveniences of messy and costly construction? If so you should consider decorative window film from Colorado Springs Window Film!

Window film can be custom-designed with any aesthetic you can imagine, giving your space a brand-new look for a fraction of the cost. Also, window film can be installed in as little as 15 minutes without leaving a huge mess behind. If you want to brand your windows with your company logo, decorative window film makes it a snap!

At Colorado Springs Window Film, we work with industry-leading brands to provide you with stellar decorative solutions including HDClear, LLumar, 3M, and more. During your consultation, our designers will work closely with you to understand your needs and create a look you love.

Decorative Window Film Product Spec Sheets

Start planning your project today. Take a look at these spec sheets to learn more about our decorative solutions:

Branded Elements

Branding and advertising for offices, restaurants, retail shops and more, has never been easier or more economical with decorative window film. With our top of the line HD Clear films, you can create a completely custom look for your windows and walls, using graphics, patterns, and even high res photographs. Our commercial decorative films are great way to strengthen your business's visual brand identity, liven up boring office walls, and even announce sales and events to customers.

Commercial Privacy

Decorative window film also makes adding privacy to your restaurant windows, booth dividers, or office conference room easy and economical. The nice thing about window film is you can decide your level of privacy based on the color and design of your window film. This can all be done without blocking all the natural light most people have come to enjoy from their windows.

Home Privacy

Many homeowners have become tired and frustrated with constantly opening and closing their blinds or curtains on a daily basis just to gain a little more privacy.</p> <p>Decorative window film can fix the problem of gaining the privacy you want without losing all of the natural light inside your home. Bathroom windows are a great example of this problem. By installing decorative window film in your bathroom, you can overcome the problem of privacy while letting beautiful natural light shine into your bathroom.

Promotional & Advertising

Decorative glass film offers Colorado Springs property owners an innovative way to promote their business. By customizing films with advertising messages or promotions, they can capture the attention of passersby, making their storefronts not just a part of the scenery but a dynamic tool for marketing.

Logos & Signage

For businesses in Colorado Springs, decorative window clings serve as a versatile medium for advertising and promotional purposes. By incorporating logos, promotional pieces, and signage directly onto glass surfaces, companies enhance their professional image, ensuring that their identity is prominently displayed and recognized by customers.

Elegant Accents

Adding colorful accents through decorative privacy film can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of any property in Colorado Springs. These films can transform plain glass into vibrant pieces of art, contributing to the overall beauty of the property while also offering privacy and light control benefits.

Upscale Your Look with Decorative Film

Our window film installers have been installing window film for years and are experts in their field. So you can rest assured your window film installation will be smooth and professional. If you are interested in scheduling a free in-person consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us today!