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Hotel Window Film

Window Film for Colorado Springs Hotels: Comfort, Savings & Safety

hotel window film colorado springsGuest comfort and safety is a number one priority for hotels. However, making a positive impression with an attractive, polished appearance, graffiti-free surfaces, and a striking exterior is also equally important. All of this and more can easily be accomplished by installing window film for your Colorado Springs hotel.

Window film takes Colorado Springs hotels and resorts to new heights, ensuring that guests have an extraordinary time throughout their stay. Window film provides an instant solution for cooling down guest rooms that get too hot from the sun, strengthens vulnerable glass areas that are high risk for accidents and break ins, creates an elegant look for hotels on both the interior and exterior, and more!

Advantages of Installing Window Film for Colorado Springs Hotels

Installing window film can be advantageous for your Colorado Springs hotel for many reasons. For one, it can ensure that your guests and employees stay happy. Secondly, it can reduce your risk of liability by adding extra safety to your building. And, most importantly, it can also save you money. Here are some of the many benefits of window tinting:

  • Blocks out 99.9% of uv rays that cause rugs, upholstery, paint, and flooring to fade
  • Improves guest comfort, eliminates glare, and reduces run times for hvac systems
  • Protects against vandalism, intruders, hail, and accidental glass breakage
  • Saves money by preventing energy waste, lowering cooling costs by up to 30%

Applications for Hotel Window Film in Colorado Springs

Hotels aren’t the only type of business in the hospitality industry that can benefit from window tinting. Window film can be applied to numerous types and sizes of buildings including:

  • Resorts, spas, and vacation rentals
  • Extended stay hotels and motels
  • Mountain lodges, condos, and cabins
  • Bed and breakfasts and more



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