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Mirror Restoration Colorado Springs

Mirror restoration from Colorado Springs Window Film is a cost-effective service that brings your expensive mirrors back to their original state. A thick sacrificial film with a mirror-like finish is applied to the surface, concealing damage and protecting mirrors against future vandalism efforts. 

Mirror Restoration

Mirror Shield, a revolutionary product engineered by Graffiti Shield, is a 5 mil-thick surface film that works to protect expensive mirrored surfaces from vandalism and natural corrosion.

This durable protective film is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and temperature changes, and has a remarkable break strength of 190 lbs, allowing it to protect mirrors from most forms of damage and graffiti.

Mirrors are, unfortunately, a popular target for vandals. Deep etching and scratching are nearly impossible to repair, often requiring replacement. Mirrors that are exposed to moisture, like bathroom and locker room mirrors, inevitably begin to corrode leading to an outdated and dirty appearance.

Mirror Shield is an affordable solution for protecting your elevator, fitting room, lobby, and restroom mirrors. It’s perfect for schools, hotels, retail locations, restaurants, and more.

Conceal Existing Damage

Mirror restoration conceals any existing damage regardless if it's from vandalism or natural corrosion. This durable, thick film imitates mirrored surfaces, providing invisible, undetectable protection. Your guests, tenants, or employees will appreciate the clean, professional look of your Colorado Springs commercial property's bathroom.

Protect Against Corrosion

Mirror Shield can defend your expensive mirrors against corrosion, protecting them from moisture exposure. If your mirror already has corrosion, typically developing along the bottom of the mirror, mirror restoration can conceal this type of damage as well.

Fix Mirror Damage Fast

Mirror Shield is designed for high endurance and can be utilized for long-term projects. However, if your film does incur further damage, it's simple and quick for a professional window film contractor to remove and replace. This sacrificial layer takes all the damage, ensuring your existing mirrored surfaces are never impacted.

Get Started with Mirror Restoration

For more information regarding mirror restoration in Colorado Springs, please contact us for a free consultation! Our specialty films can help you save significantly on mirror replacement costs! We look forward to speaking with you soon!