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C-Bond Solutions in Colorado Springs

C-Bond, a Totally New Solution for Protecting the Glass Windows in Your Colorado Springs Home or Business

c-bond solution colorado springsDue to new scientific advances and research in the field of nanotechnology, an entire new method has emerged for protecting the glass windows in your Colorado Springs home or business, C-Bond solution. C-Bond is a water-based bonding agent that works at the molecular level to enhance the structure of glass surfaces for optimal strength and durability. After just one quick and simple application, your glass windows will have the ability to withstand everything from natural disasters to break-ins. With C-Bond, you’ll never have to spend another day worrying about the safety and security of your building.

What is C-Bond?

C-Bond is the leading glass protectant and security window film enhancement product in Colorado Springs. Developed by scientists that specialize in nanotechnology, C-Bond is scientifically engineered to alter the physical structure of glass for increased performance. It’s completely invisible in appearance so that its application does not alter the current physical appearance of your building and it’s also 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Revolutionizing the Glass Industry

Glass is notoriously known for being fragile and easily broken. This is due to the fact that it contains natural imperfections in its molecular structure. What C-Bond does is eradicate these imperfections. It works by penetrating deep into the pores of glass to refigure the microscopic fibers of its structure for increased strength and resistance to shattering.

Defense Against Even the Worst Danger

Due to it’s high level of strength and durability, C-Bond glass is able to withstand virtually any threat. It provides protection against everything from minor accidents to serious damage, including:
Bomb blasts
Hail storms
Improvised explosive devices
Wind speeds up to 140 mph
Forced entry

Certified C-Bond Dealer

Colorado Springs Window Film is the only certified C-Bond dealer in the Colorado Springs area.

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Colorado Springs Source for C-Bond Film

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